yoga benefits for mental health

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yoga benefits for mental health


It’s an exercise that can relax both your mind and your body. “Yoga is for everybody. Yoga in general means to unite the mind and the body, so when we talk about yoga, especially when you tie it in with meditation, it is so beneficial to the mind because it improves concentration, it improves mental clarity,” said Melissa Wallace, a yoga instructor with Lee Health.


In addition to improving strength, range of motion, and flexibility, yoga also teaches participants how to focus their mind on one thing. “Those people that may be diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, it helps them to focus on just one thing.

When we do yoga we talk about just focus on the breath, so it’s very important for the mind,” she said. The results of yoga with meditation can last all day. “Yoga, you carry this on through your everyday activities, because the more you do this, you operate from that relaxed state of mind,” said Wallace. Making stressful situations a little less overwhelming. “Yoga is the journey inward, so you get to learn a little bit more about yourself.

So when you’re out there operating in the world, you feel more relaxed,” she said. Learning how to meditate with yoga has also proven to reduce stress and anxiety. “You have that more mental clarity and more focus, so you’re reducing stress and anxiety overall. Yoga over a period of time, with meditation, decreases blood pressure, decreases heart rate, you have an overall state of wellbeing.

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